Working with Solaris Artists

Solaris Artists is a talent booking agency committed to continuing the legacy of the greatest 60s and 70s performers of all time. We are a distinctive niche in music entertainment. Solaris Artists focuses on the needs of the performer while also ensuring the buyer receives the very best service on behalf of our clients. After our work is done, Solaris Artists clients then deliver memory-making moments on stage.

We've placed our talent in theaters, casinos and other venues across the United States, the United Kingdom and Japan.

The Solaris Artists' Team

David Bishop
David Bishop President

David has spent his career working in marketing and public relations. Working with blue chip Fortune 500 companies, Bishop's passion has always been music. His first-ever job was as a disc jockey at his hometown radio station.

As he began to transition into a career as an entertainment agent, Bishop played a critical role in the passage of the "Truth in Music" law in Florida - allowing the rightful owners of music groups names to perform under those names.