He played Greg on the iconic Brady Bunch now Barry Williams leads his new group

Barry Williams and The Traveliers hail from Branson, MO. They perform traditional standards, classic rock as well as country and
pop music with a tropical twist. They are interactive with their audience, Barry may teach choreography to the Sunshine Day dance from the Brady Bunch, learn to Hula with Tina, or participate in a Limbo or Conga Line during one of their shows. Mike adds vibrance to the trio, transforming his guitar chords into sounds including fiddle, saxophone, organ and more.

Multimedia is also used during their performance such as Barry’s Brady home movies for a taste of nostalgia.

This versatile and family friendly trio is perfect for corporate and private events, festivals, fairs, cruises and will tailor their show to fit your audience and client needs.

Barry Williams, also known as Greg Brady from The Brady Bunch sings lead and backing vocals and plays rhythm acoustic guitar.

Tina Mahina Williams, sings lead and backing vocals, dances the Hula and plays percussion.

Mike Ristau, sings lead and backing vocals and plays electric guitar.