The legend continues with the one and the only -- The Platters. With 40 charted hits like Only You, Smoke Gets in Your Eyes and Twilight Time, today's Platters also perform multiple decades of hits with an exciting audience-pleasing show.

The Platters® started with bass singer Herb Reed in 1953. Now more than 6 decades later The Platters continue to perform all across the world. The faces may have changed, but the legacy of the music lives on.

In the very beginning, the group consisted of Reed, Joe Jefferson, Cornell Gunther and Alex Hodge. Months later, David Lynch replaced Joe Jefferson, and Tony Williams replaced Cornell Gunther.

Late in 1953, Hodge brought a songwriter from Chicago to meet the band. The songwriter happened to be Buck Ram. The group soon after signed a management contract with Ram.

Early in 1954, Ram thought it would be a good idea to add a female to the group and as luck would have it, Zola Taylor was rehearsing at Hodge's house with Gunther's sister Shirley (a group called "The Queens"). Shortly after meeting The Platters, Zola joined the group. In August of 1954, Paul Robi replaced Hodge.In 1955, The Platters signed a recording contract with Mercury Records. The group ended up putting Mercury on the international map.

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