The zany antics of The Original Cornell Gunter's Coasters

It's been nearly 50 years since the formation of Cornell Gunter’s Coasters.

If you love the doo-wop generation of music and high energy Cornell Gunter's Coasters is the show to see! You'll be whisked back into an era where doo-wop music ruled and Cornell Gunter's Coasters were on the top of their game!

The Coasters, who were the group to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1987, are known for such hits as "Poison Ivy", "Charlie Brown", "YaketyYak", and many more. This infamous band will have you dancing and singing in the aisle as if you were seeing them for the very first time!

Today they are as much a comedy act as a singing group. It's been more than twenty years since Cornell's untimely death and since that time, Charlie Duncan (who was an original member and the creative force behind the group keeping the music alive) incorporated Cornell's genius into the group's ongoing homage, to not only The Coasters' music, but to Cornell himself. It is under his tutelage and guidance that the group continues to entertain today with Lionel Z who replaced Cornell after his untimely death. And today Cornell Gunter's genius still lives on in the way Cornell Gunter's Coasters present themselves on stage.